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I’m Yunzi— a UX consultant and designer based in Singapore.

I have 2 years+ of design experience in the IT industry, where I solve problems by translating people’s negative emotions into new processes or product ideas through data-driven design.

I’m a multidisciplinary designer, or rather– a generalist who think about the big picture

My daily life revolves around “how can I solve unmet user needs using technology and design, so that I can bring value to users and enhance the user experience?”

At work, I led design activities at various project delivery stages. I focus on communicating business visions, aligning IT-business strategies and connecting the dots between processes through visual content, e.g. wireframes, flows, prototypes and other deliverables.

When I am not going around talking to people, I can be found reading design articles, reading novels, snuggling my dogs, blogging or playing with photography.

To date, I have gone through 4 lean yet end-to-end product development cycle and helped to launch 4 products as the sole designer.

I believe in sharing, coaching and paying forward

Come to think of it, I have been giving back to the society since my primary. When I was 10 years old, I assisted my mum to tutor kindergarten children. Then, some parents approached me to teach their secondary school children while I was waiting for my admission to NTU. In university, I was selected by my school to become an art teaching assistant for one semester.

Today, I am an alumni mentor in NTU ConnectingMinds programme. I have co-facilitated a “Come, Let’s Scrum” workshop on Agile for ~30 participants in August 2019. The effectiveness and usefulness of this workshop are rated 100% positive.

I am originally from Malaysia. Hence, I can communicate in Chinese, English, Malay and basic Cantonese.

My journey in becoming a UX practitioner

I used to love pure art. My teens were spent on painting art pieces or drawing Japanese ‘Manga’. Else, I can be found tinkering with GIMP (Adobe Photoshop was unaffordable for me that time) and styling crappy websites in HTML/CSS.

I received a 4-year Trailblazer Foundation Asean Scholarship to study B.E Information Engineering and Media (IEM).

After the whole world (my family, my teachers, my friends and even the career advisors at the career fairs) put up a strong resistance on me studying pure art, I chose to study IEM at Nanyang Technological University (NTU).

Based on my research, IEM is the only technical course that consists of design modules. As a multidisciplinary course categorised under the School of Electrical, Electronic Engineering, IEM can be broken into 60% engineering, 20% Infocomm and 20% multimedia/art modules.

Yet as it turns out, my path would lead me back to design— ‘level up’ to a field that utilises both my left and right brains thinking.

In 2016, I bumped into something called “UI” and “UX”.

Throughout my 4-years study, I earned my living expenses by working part-time as a student ambassador, event helper, art teaching assistant, photographer, videographer and a graphic designer.

I thought I would spend my life struggling as a not talented developer. Miraculously, I got introduced to UI and UX during my internship at Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) Pharma Pte Ltd, 2016. I was trusted as the sole UX/UI designer to aid an agile product development project for Switzerland & Ireland. After 10 weeks of internship, I was awarded as one of the “top 5 outstanding interns” in the Digital Products & Solutions team.

In 2017, I graduated from NTU and become an application consultant in NCS.

I graduated with a second-upper class honour (cGPA of 4.14/5.00). Needless to say, this grade came from the moderation of my good art grades over my poor engineering grades.

Upon graduation, I join NCS Pte Ltd as an application consultant (UI/UX)— a system integrator (SI) company in Singapore, a sister company of Singtel. I am part of the largest rapid prototyping team in NCS, consisting of designers, developers and SCRUM masters.

Depending on each project agreement, I execute design activities to deliver either a digital prototype, a proof-of-concept (POC) or a minimal variable product (MVP). I have committed to projects as the sole UI/UX consultant, else as a UI/UX designer in a UX design team.

*Most of my projects are under NDA. Please contact me to learn more about my work.

Some significant clients I have worked with are MINDEF, Singapore Pools, Singtel, HPB and MOE.

If I have to hit the reset button, I will still choose to design for a purpose.

UX is never the final step in a process, but I enjoy UX for its beautiful experimental journey which leads towards mental satisfaction after completing a genuine design for the society. Even making a person’s life better is a huge success!

Let’s solve problems!