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Background in engineering and media, followed by 2+ years of experience in the IT industry.

I strategise and design digital experience

Summarising me as a whole

As a consultant with both engineering and media background, I solve problems by translating people’s negative emotions into new processes or product ideas through data-driven design (prototypes).

Within 2 years, I have contributed to 15 presales and application development projects for public sector, commercial businesses and internal digitalisation. To date, I have worked with 4 lean and agile teams throughout the entire end-to-end product development cycle. 4 products (2 web & 2 mobile applications) are now live.

My strength lies in connecting the dots between various processes. I also bridge the gap between business and technical people by evaluating and prioritising technical feasibility and business visions.

I found my interest in UX during my second internship at Merck Sharp & Dohme (MSD) Pharma Pte Ltd, 2016. Since then, I have set my goal to become a multidisciplinary UX practitioner who can contribute to every stage in a project delivery cycle. Most of my knowledge comes from reading newsletters and ebooks. When I am not working on any design related stuff, I can be found snuggling my dogs, blogging, playing with photography or reading novels.

Application Consultant (UI/UX)

NCS Pte Ltd

Upon graduation, I join NCS Pte Ltd as an application consultant (UI/UX)— a system integrator (SI) company in Singapore, a sister company of Singtel.

I am part of the largest rapid prototyping team in NCS, consisting of designers, developers and SCRUM masters. Depending on the project agreement, I execute design activities to deliver either a digital prototype, a proof-of-concept (POC) or a minimal variable product (MVP). I have committed to projects as the sole UI/UX consultant, else as a UI/UX designer in a UX design team.

Some significant clients I have worked with are MINDEF, Singapore Pools, HPB and MOE. 

*Most of my projects are under NDA. Please contact me to learn more about my work.

Information Engineering and Media

Nanyang Technological University (NTU)

Supported by 4 years of TrailBlazer Foundation ASEAN Scholarship, I graduated from NTU with a Second-Upper Class Honors in Bachelor of Information Engineering and Media (IEM), 2017. IEM is a multidisciplinary course combining 60% electrical engineering, 20% infocomm and 20% multimedia/art modules.

Apart from studying, I worked part-time as a student ambassador, event helper, art teaching assistant, photographer, videographer and graphic designer. My 4 years of university life have significantly honed my skills in multimedia design, software development (web & Android) and public communication.

Today, I am an alumni mentor in NTU ConnectingMinds programme. I have co-facilitated a “Come, Let’s Scrum” workshop on Agile for ~30 participants in August 2019. The effectiveness and usefulness of this workshop is rated 100% positive.

Let's Solve Problems!